The Sailor

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We are all seafarers of our own lives

Steering the helm of the boat, towards our dreams, through all of the hardships that lay in front of us.

We will our way, one step at a time, towards the promised land, our destiny.

The sea may be rough at times, but holding on to the compass that guides us, we wander through the endless challenges and tests towards the finish line.

A few years ago, I was inspired to design the collection from reading a book about "Cruising" from a bookstore at the Charing Cross in London.

The concept for this collection derived from the ocean, but it quickly developed to the current "Sailor" collection which expressed our inner desires for travel and freedom.

ELYONA art jewelery collections are designed around the story of people.

Similar to the story of our first collection "The Bridge Builder," "The Sailor" collection describes the shared experience of walking towards the destiny of our lives.
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